Property Costa Rica

At Dominical Realestate, we provide resources you have to look for a house, getaway, ranch, or organization site in just one of one of the most gorgeous parts in Costa Rica and the data to you. This can be an enchanting, quaint, lucrative 6 area ocean-side boutique resort for sale using a restaurant & bar, a 2 room owner's or boss's house, a worker's residence for just two, an exclusive pool & patio, a little horse dependable along with a very impressive backyard & fruit shrub orchard… all on the full acre of ocean-front area to the white exotic Caribbean shores of Cahuita in Costa Rica.

House Description: This is 17 place motel situated in the National Wildlife Sanctuary, a stunning, near Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. This can be a 1.6 hectare or 3.2 acre system of land with services and 150 yards of road around the Caribbean coastline, only steps far from among the finest, undeveloped beaches of Costa Rica. Cafe with a swimming pool and disco and a 23 room beachfront lodge is around the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica, for-sale in Tortuguero. Property Description : land with 154 measures of highway top in Manzanillo and 188 measures of beachfront.

This big, 4 bedroom house rests on 10 hectares of terrain and it is situated only 20 minutes from the stunning Caribbean beaches near Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo in Limon Domain, to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Residence Description: It Is A lovely 5 cabin specialist hotel, restaurant and manageris residence forsale, merely a quick stroll from living abroad in costa rica the beaches of Puerto Viejo around the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica with a great deal of space for development.